My photographs and pedagogy reflect my passion for helping others. My images and teaching integrate my undergraduate and graduate work at Penn State, combining my research in Human Development and Family Studies with my medium.

Photography gave me the opportunity to provide insight into localized homelessness and poverty while trying to break common stereotypes during my undergraduate studies.  I chose to document individuals and families in difficult situations in a sensitive way portrayed in three books, Homeless Shelter Residents in Centre County, Beyond the Shelter, and Abandonment. These publications address social and environmental concerns while encouraging an engagement in community and family.

While pursuing my MFA, my work focused upon a family forced to separate due to the mother being placed in a nursing home. This situation generated a series of photographs titled Separated, exhibited at the Philadelphia Crane Art Gallery. Later, my passion to expose and honor those suffering led me to photograph people living in assisting living facilities. Assisted Living was featured in the first-year exhibition at the Zoller Gallery at Penn State which should be coming soon to my website after a long time waiting for releases. My most recent series, Handle with Care, examines my mother’s struggle against cancer. Through my body of work and my pedagogy, I hope to provide empathy to those in similar situations. 

While teaching Introduction to Photography, I introduce students to photography as an art form. I present on the use of photography in commercial, news, science, journalism, and industry. I review the history and showcase the work of important photographers. While teaching Digital Photography 2, I used a cross-disciplinary approach guiding the students to choose a non-profit agency connecting them with the Community Engagement Office promoting civic engagement and social responsibility. While teaching Photographic Narratives, I developed a narrative approach to photography linking compassion with composition employing a participatory teaching method. While teaching A Chronological Survey of Photography, I focused upon documentary and familial images while also revealing photography’s unique and challenging history in the art world.  My mission is to share my passion in the community and academic world while teaching the traditional and contemporary photographic processes. I photograph with 35mm film, medium format, and digital cameras. Further, I develop my own film, produce silver gelatin prints, scan negatives for publication, and produce digital inkjet prints.